Est. 2020

Making light of not the brightest times, Moonrise Loaf LLC was created by Philip Lipton when hundreds of families were locked down in their homes. It started with a simple facebook advertisement which lended itself to deliveries of sourdough loaves to families all across Charleston. This helped Philip fill his time while his Music career was on pause due to Covid-19 performance cancellations. He soon found that breadmaking was similar to music in that it is very challenging to make a delicious sourdough loaf that met his aesthetic standards. Philip believes that breadmaking is an ever evolving process, where timing is the most important aspect. He likens the connection of rhythm and meter in music to the bread fermentation process.

Once it became a clear that there was a need for Philip’s sourdough in Charleston, he established Moonrise Loaf LLC, coming up with the name one night while he sat by a fire and thought about how bread rises and falls with the moon. For now, you can find his sourdough bread and bagels at farmers markets in Charleston SC.